I think it’s weird that when you search for Dave Kleeman… which I often do, searching for myself in the wilderness of existence… I’m not directly referenced until the 7th page, and then with a semi-broken link (gotta fix that). True, Ariel references me and skyrockets to the third link on the first page, but there’s something strange about someone other than me being more closely related to me than I am.

If you put in “Dave Kleeman” with the quotes, I’m number one via Ariel, and number one on the second page via a reference from Erica 4 years ago. I come in, with a direct reference a sad 12th place.

David Kleeman is no better. Indirect reference on page 5, glancing reference from Erica on 8, and I gave up on finding a direct floorpie.net reference at page 10. For all I know, I never show up.

Lastly, “David Kleeman” finds a direct link to me on page 6, the first (and only) time I beat an outside referrer. Ironically, it points to a post where I state that, if I’m ever single (check), at age 30 (check), I will change my name… to Dirk Steele.


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