After reading this article about how average SAT Math scores have hit an all-time high in the class of 2005, I was motivated to see how, if at all, that correlated to my scores from back in the day. I remembered, vaguely, that the SAT’s had been revamped a couple of years after I took them, which gave everyone slightly higher scores. For some reason, this mattered to me at the time, though I was already in college, and would never need my scores again.

At any rate, it turns out the SAT’s were “re-centered” in 1995. So, for all of you late 20-somethings to early 30-somethings that use your SAT scores as part of your rap, here’s a table to find what your composite would have been under today’s scoring system. Good luck, you have 20 seconds to complete this section.

Also, for a more humbling analysis, check out what your estimated IQ is based on the old SAT scoring system (use the first table to back-correlate your scores if you took the test after 1995… and if you didn’t figure that out on your own, you may want to sit down before looking at the IQ chart). Remember kids, we can’t all be boy geniuses.


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