It seems like I’m always busy, lately, which is exactly what happens when you find yourself surprised to be single, and looking for things to fill the silences. Besides that, though, I’ve had/having two very close friends get married this summer, visits from friends and family, necessary beach time, and my own side projects going on to the point where I really don’t have an extraordinary amount of time left over.

There does seem to be enough to let the depressing ADG thoughts drift in now and again, though. Note to self for next time, assuming there is a next time: don’t fuck it up.

In unrelated news, after 4 (5?) years, I finally got a new phone, which explains the lemming MOBlog link above every post. Hopefully, I’ll update this more often than I do my webcam, which I barely bother to turn on. Also hopefully, someone will find it interesting to look at from time to time… which I highly doubt as I’m not an incredibly hott cam girl.

Or am I?

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