6 Feet UnderHere’s the thing, I hold you all responsible. True, I see enough TV as it is; but, what you perhaps don’t understand, having given me the benefit of the doubt when you shouldn’t have, is that most of it is crap (notable exceptions include The Simpsons and anything on The History Channel). How you could have gone 4 seasons without even mentioning Six Feet Under is nearly unforgivable.


Macabre humor!
Challenging adult situations!
The guy from The (new) Office!
I mean, this show has everything I have ever loved, including porn references. How can you beat that? Luckily (for you) I finally watched a few re-runs before the final season starts in a week.

Finally, something to live for.

Speaking of ADG… wait, no, start again:

Speaking of Vegas, I’m going there this weekend for a, wait for it, bachelor party. If you happen to be there, or live there, or know a woman of questionable morals passing through there, look for the really stupid looking idiot losing a lot of money in the poker room and hitting on the cocktail waitress. Also look for me at an as yet undecided on club either dancing by myself looking like a winner, or standing by myself and looking like a guy who wishes he looked like a winner.

Also reference the Wynn Hotel pool.

And The Peppermill.

After I have completed my (Nevada) debauchery, you may also meet me, the creator of floorpie.net on an early Sunday flight back to LA where I will promptly board a slightly less early flight to Orlando, Florida… to which I will be flying exhausted, somewhat drunk, and smelling of cigarette smoke, cards, and and… is that… stripper? No, that’s buffet.

Let me know if you’re a stalker living in Orlando… you can take me to dinner.

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