I do this thing in the morning sometimes where, once I successfully get in the shower, I close my eyes for the duration. I’ll wash my hair with the eyes closed, scrub myself down with my eyes closed, turn off the water and dry off with my eyes closed, and generally do everything shower-related in total darkness.

Ostensibly, I do this because I have a theory that I wake up with eyes really dry (see previous posts about sleeping with my eyes half-open) and that this carries through the rest of the day, making my eyes tired, and my vision worse.

All I think about while I do this, however, is, “What if I was blind?” How would I get to work? Once I got there, what could I even do? How could I have any kind of style and not match my white socks to my black socks? How could I cook? How could I do really any of the things that I enjoy doing in my spare time (well, except…).

Just showering is difficult without the benefit of sight; and, lest you were wondering, being actually blind would totally suck. I don’t see being able to survive without a significant amount of outside assistance.

Somewhat related to this, I also (though infrequently) take a shower, this time with my eyes open, but with the lights off and the door closed. This is a completely different feeling… it’s not being blind, but being blind-ed and about to get a knife in your back by some kind of shower-murderer. I do not recommend the experience.

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