I was searching through my archives for something when I came across this. It’s not required to actually follow that link, by the way, my post was only one line:

I just spent $27 on a tank-full of regular 87 octane gas. Thank you, President Bush.

Listen to the angst! Feel the outrage! Revel in the insightful, dripping sarcasm!

This week, I filled a similar tank with a similar octane gasoline and it cost me a mere $45. Forty-five dollars! This is really getting out of hand. Barely two years ago, I was paying nearly half that. Which means, given the linear nature of these sorts of things (notice the sarcasm again) I’ll be in the low $100’s long before my mid-life crisis.

I should probably start saving now and stop buying so much porn and cheetos. Well, maybe just the cheetos.

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