I’m not mad… or at least not very.

But why didn’t someone tell me that The Next Karate Kid was so awesome?! For years, people have been saying “Karate Kid III sucks, and the 4th one is even worse!” I’ve been saying it sucks with stuff like, “I haven’t seen it, but it’s supposed to be really bad. I mean, it has Hilary Swank from before she was even hot in it.”

But not only does it not suck, but I’m posthumously nominating it for best picture of 1994. The reasons are obvious:

.: Mr. Miyagi’s in it!
.: He does the slap-the-hands-and-rub-them-together thing and heals a hawk’s broken wing!
.: He does the thing where he says, “Ka-rah-tay in here!” and points to his heart!
.: Hilary Swank (Julie-san) does wax-on wax off… and loves it!
.: The leader of the gang of no-good teens is the high-school football coach!

You just really don’t get more awesome than that. Oh, and Hilary Swank is totally HOTT in it… even when she was wearing those ridiculous They’re Overalls, They’re Shorts, They’re Both at the Same Time! that were so popular in the early 90’s.

Best. Movie. Ever.

This post brought to you by 'sarcasm' and the letter 'P'though I really did have a totally good time laughing my head off

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