This guy scares me.

There’s a reason I’m a horrible sinning ex-Catholic, and one of them is the Pope. Great guy, does good works I’m sure, but what’s up with being the gatekeeper to a higher power? I’m not good enough to speak to a god-figure myself? The problem is moot for me, of course, because I don’t really think there’s anyone to talk to anyway.

This doesn’t change the fact that religion seems to be kinda important to the masses, though, and an ultra-conservative leader is going to influence people in what I dare say is the wrong way.

Plus, he has scary devil-eyes.

And he’s 78! I don’t mean to be pessimistic or sacreligious or anything (yes I do), but the days of Moses living to be 120 are long gone. The Vatican will barely have time to get “Pope Benedict XVI” pimp-striped ont he Pope-Mobile before we go through this whole thing again.

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