My weekends don’t sound that exciting in bullet-point format:

.: Helped build a block-wall
>.: BBQ’d
.: Played an obscene amount of Burnout 3
.: Made plans for Las Vegas

If you saw the inter-personal drama between the lines of all of that stuff, though, you’d be impressed.

On an unrelated note, this sight is mostly observational, and less introspective. I did, in fact, have an ex-girlfriend once mention some years after our break-up, “There is absolutely nothing personal on your site, yet it leaves you with the impression that it does. How do you do that?”

I do that by being who I am, as that is what I do.

It started out with the intent of the opposite (introspective with idle attempts at observational humor) but then people started to find out about the site; people I know. And those people told 4 people, and those people told 4 people, and those people told…(I hope by now you are also remembering that one Brady Bunch episode where… never mind) to the point where basically everyone I know, now knows about floorpie. At any given point (even though not everyone who knows about it reads it), there is only about one-degree of separation between me saying something interesting, and everyone knowing about it; especially as those that do read it are vocal about it.
And I’ve embraced this.. it just makes it difficult to talk behind all of your backs…

At any rate, having said all of that, I’m trying to be more revealing of myself here. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it’s for selfish reasons. Therefore, in the interests of cathartic full disclosure, and to answer the comments and e-mails about it, I will say this, in uninteresting bullet-point format:
.: I am single
.: Before, when you also didn’t know me, I wasn’t.
.: “ADG” is the person I’m not with that I was.
.: A.D.G. are not her initials, though you might have thought they were. Well, one of them is, but unintentionally.
.: It has been a few months technically, and a lot longer in retrospect.
>.: I’m OK, you’re OK

And let’s close the mailbag. If there’s anything else you were wondering about, let me know.

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