So I live a few blocks inland from Venice Beach in this one story duplex… except for how it’s a quad-plex. It most likely was meant to be a duplex though, as my address ends in 1/2. At any rate, it is a long building with all of the doors on the same side, one after the other (obviously).

My quadp-plex faces another quad-plex, and the two create a mutual courtyard between them. The advantage of this is that everyone can keep an eye on everyone else. The disadvantage of this is that everyone can keep an eye on everyone else.

There’s an interesting (to me) dynamic in the duplex across from me, in that there’s an entire family living in two of the apartments. There’s mom, who seems to live alone, and I have yet to see actually outside of the courtyard… let alone outside of a five foot radius around her front door. She is, for the most part, a shut-in. There is also the son, older than me, I think, who doesn’t actually seem to live with mom, but clearly lives close by (possibly in another quad-plex in the series). Two doors down from mom, the two sisters live together in their own apartment. All of them seem to be unmarried, very single, and extremely overweight (except for the son, he’s freakishly tall, but normally aportioned). From what I can tell, they’ve all been living like this for a long, long time.

And that’s just weird.

No offense to mom, but there’s no way I could live two doors down from her. I mean, with all of the wild parties and strippers I have over all the time, she might get the wrong impression of me.

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