The sky is doing this strange thing where there’s water where before there was no water. It will be the usual sunny and warm day (as is the defining characteristic of SoCal) when, suddenly, a water-like substance (possibly water) will come falling out of what I can only assume is a leak in the sky. It is very annoying and spots my windows.

Someone should call the Super.

This weekend, however, was full of the boring and idyllic summer-esque type days we, as Southern Californians and God’s chosen people, deserve and are entitled to.
When walking along the beach yesterday afternoon, I came to the realization that this may indeed be the beginning of volleyball season. If you’ve ever wanted to see me with my shirt off and with sand on my back, this is your chance. Of course, the fact that I am really a 475lb. long-haul trucker from Nebraska may dissuade you somewhat.

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