Keep on truckin'This picture is a metaphor for Life.
Even if you’re smiling on the outside, the pain you feel within will always shine right through.
Or it could just be a picture of a clown crossing the 26th mile of the L.A. Marathon. You tell me.
The funny thing about cheering on your friend at the marathon, is hearing the armchair quarterbacking of the crowd around you:

“It’s not really finishing that’s hard, it’s racing. Anyone could finish a Marathon.”
>”Oooh, I wouldn’t run like that if I were that guy. I learned better doing that 10k last weekend.”

>And the like.

You do feel strangely motivated watching an event like that, though… Usually in the “From now on, I will run 3 miles a night” variety, to which I fell victim to as well. I thought, to myself that I should be able to get myself in shape for at least one marathon in my life. After all, what could be easier?

Then I remembered how much I absolutely abhor running in distances longer than a basketball court. Details, details.

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