You Can’t Keep a Good State Down

Last night, I had trouble sleeping. Truth be told, most nights I have trouble sleeping what with the chronic insomnia and all, but last night was especially diificult… namely because the sky was falling.

Oh, did you know it could actually do that? It’s true!

For those of you living in states with actual “weather” and those mythical things called “seasons”, I’m sure this is going to sound very over-dramatic to you; but, last night it hailed. In L.A. It hailed in L.A. Like, ohmygod, hail! With, like totally lightening and everything, you know? It was loud, it was violent, and it was hail! I haven’t seen hail since I used to live in Texas, where baseball-sized ice balls were the norm of the day. It’s to be expected, though, in Texas as it’s the 8th Circle of Hell (why else would Bush Satan be living there?). In California, though, especially SoCal, hail is news.
But, in only the way Eden California can and as my webcam can atest, it’s sunny with the occasional wisp of puffy clouds, now. Of course.

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