Teen Gets 30 years in Zoloft Murder Case.

Have you heard about this freak? He killed his grandparents, and then blamed it on Zoloft for making him not know right from wrong.

Zoloft made him do it.

>Zoloft, the anti-depressant, made him do it.

Zoloft, the anti-depressant, made him shoot his gradfather in the mouth and grandmother in the head while they slept, torch their house, and then drive off in their car.
Or maybe, just maybe, you’re a psycho asshole kid. Maybe.

>The “best” part of the article:

Pittman cried Tuesday as his father and other family members asked for leniency.

“I love my son with all of my heart,” said Joe Pittman, whose parents were the victims. “And if my mom and dad were here, I know they would be begging you for mercy.”I’m sure they would be begging for mercy… but unfortunately they’re not available for comment right now do to a prior engagement or something. Gee where are they? Son, do you remember where nanna and papa are? Golly judge, sorry about that, but if they were here (instead of being headless worm-food), I’m sure they’d vouch for my son.
Do I sound bitter? Sorry, I just hate it when people make excuses and don’t take responsibility for their own actions.

I'm not sure how I missed this, but one of my favorite architects, Philip Johnson, died at 98 last month.

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