Ever have one of those things that you think you’re supposed to do but never actually have? That’s me above doing one of those things. If you live in the L.A. vicinity, you “have” to do a few different things:

1. go to the Hollywood sign
2. see the Hollywood Walk of Fame
3. go to the House of Blues
4. buy crack from a transvestite hooker while on #2

Three out of four ain’t bad, and I hope to go to the House of Blues as soon as somebody good comes through.

Google Maps
Intuitive, bigger maps, draggable interface... I like it.
Teacher charged with having sex with 13-year old student:
Two things come to mind about this (1) is it just me or are these terrible, perverted teachers getting hotter and hotter? and (2) What kind of rap does that 13-year old have?!

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