This design is getting pretty stale, you know? It seems like I haven’t had the time to properly work on it, but it looks as though I soon will. There are many sub-pages that I’m sure most of you never go to; and, even if you have, you probably have no interest in going there again. And why?

Content. Or lack thereof.
It’s all about the updating. I mean, how interested could you really be in my pictures from New Years in 2002? It’s not as if I haven’t taken a million more pictures since then. I just haven’t posted them. What about my adventures in Taiwan? Wouldn’t that have been post-worthy? (it would) But still the no post.
I’ve been neglectful,, and I apologize.

To wit: I updated my books page (warning: extremely uninteresting)
AND, I added pics from my first trip to Taiwan on the art page (slightly more interesting)

Goodnight Johnny

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