Is it bad that I’m still pissed off about the election? If I can summarize the Administration’s positions, they are:

.: Pro-Life
.: Pro Death Penalty
.: against stem-cell research
.: wants tax cuts that will add to the record-breaking deficit
.: opposes increasing the minimum wage
.: supports school vouchers
.: wants to ease restrictions on industrial pollutants
.: attacked Iraq on a thin web of incorrect evidence for WMD’s and refuses to acknowledge his mistake
.: wants to change Social Security so that the masses will be able to easily and effectively gamble away everything on the stock market
.: supports the flawed national missile defense shield (I should know just how flawed, I worked on it
.: let the assault weapon ban lapse
.: is against gay marriage
.: gave the elderly prescription drug care

The only thing I can stand behind him on that list, is the last one. As for the rest, I categorically hate, or at least oppose, Bush’s position on every other one of those points. Every other one! I vote across Party lines, I’ve always seen the good on both sides. This is the first time that I have been so completely against a President, and I am baffled that 51% of you support all of the above junk.

My theory, though, is that you got duped. Or, more correctly, you didn’t do your homework as much as you should, and the incumbent is always the easiest one to get behind. I’ve heard arguments for Bush that say he’s the only one that can win this war. Did it escape your attention that he’s the only one that started it, too? That it has nothing to do with terrorism, and certainly not WMD’s? What really, are you voting for?

And don’t get me started on the religious right. Separation of church and state was supposed to mean… wait, what was it?… ah yes, separation of church and state. Unfortunately though, we now live in a religious oligarchy. Just like other wonderfully stable religion-centric states like, Palestine, Israel, and, Iraq. Great choice.

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