It’s been raining here in L.A.; and that, of course, means anarchy. Stretched Escalades and Bentleys are sliding all over the place. B-rated movie stars have been scampering from posh restaurant awning to posh restaurant awning to avoid flat hair and running mascara. It’s craziness I tells ya.

>One thing about a place with no rain is that, when it does happen, things grind to a halt. The news today was pretty much filled with collapsed roofs (builders, apparently, don’t even design roofs to hold anything more than sunshine), flooded apartment buildings, and multi-car pile-ups.

The most humorous thing, of course, is the weather. Suddenly, L.A. meteorologists have to swerve from the memorized script and describe something other than low 70’s at the beaches, 80’s inland. Any and all rain-related material then falls under the dramatic headline: Storm Watch, 2004. An inch of rain and it’s Storm Watch, 2004. Hi-Larious!

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