I had this dream last night where ADG was telling me how desperately necessary it is to wash behind my ears before I go to bed. I wash behind my ears in my morning shower, of course (both inreality and dreamland), but for some reason it was terribly urgent that I also do so at night before bed. I would have no part of it, however, thinking that I really didn’t need to go into a whole production for the space behind my ears before bed.
Because of my hubris, this virulent fungus started to grow back there, right in the crease where my earlobe meets my head. In dream-vision, I saw it, zoomed in and well-lit, somehow from a perspective right behind my head. It was mostly white, with green in it, like lichen. At any rate, it burrowed into my brain and took away my ability to speak or think.
Let that be a lesson to you.

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