Daring to be different, CNN’s story about Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings’ impressive winning streak possibly coming to an end, was prefaced with:

Editor’s Note: The Associated Press provided this story to news outlets, and gives details below. If you’d prefer to not know anything, stop reading now.

Wouldn’t it be a lot more efficient, (and for that matter, more recognizable) if they just did what every other 13-year old cam girl and blogger does and say:


>I, for one, would love to see that on CNN:

(AP) – In an astounding example of social conscience and intelligence, the American people voted today in an historic election. The incumbent U.S. President George “Dubya” Bush


lost the election by an astounding 105%. Republican officals claim that the percentage loss is impossible even when considering non-recognized illegal immigrants and claim that there must be some mistake as they felt that they had the election clearly rigged as in last years’ Florida re-count. Officials asked that the public remember Osama bin Laden and The Axis of Evil, but not WMD’s, when considering the recount.
Democratic officials conceded that after the recount, Bush may have actually only lost the election by 102%.
Former President Bush could not be immediately reached for comment, but did issue a press release listing his favorite comic books with the hand-scrawled notation, “Wonder Woman is totally hot.”

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