My dental insurance, in a show of good faith, sent me a double-edged toothpick (I know that seems obvious, but this is some kind of super-toothpick with exciting angles and alternate pick settings) and two pink Post-It note pads in the shape of a tooth.

When I first got the pads I thought to myself, “Oh, these are special Post-It note pads shaped like a tooth. Obviously they are very special and I should save them for later. Kewl!” When I came across them in my desk while looking for an eraser, however, I suddenly realized how ridiculous two pink Post-It note pads in the shape of a tooth really are. When am I ever going to use these things? What note can possibly be taken seriously on something like this? “Grandfather in hospital, call Sacred Heart Hospital immediately” just doesn’t carry the appropriate weight when it’s written on a molar.

I have written one note on the tooth Post-Its, though. It reads:

I’m a Post-It note shaped like a tooth. I feel ridiculous.

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