Poor Paul HammPaul Hamm

I watched him make his fall and comeback to Olympic gold and was stunned buy his performance. I clapped like a big dork when I saw him nail his routines and I gave American-esque Whoo-Hoo’s when I saw him claw his way back to first.
But he didn’t win.

I know the rules say blah blah blah, but he did not win.

He almost won.

His routines were amazing. His feat of regaining position after falling to twelth was incredible. His comeback made a great story. But he didn’t win. Somebody did better, and that should be all there is to it. I don’t understand the debate, and I really don’t understand how Paul hasn’t given his medal back and conceded that he only earned a “mere” silver. How do you convince yourself that you’re the best when you’re clearly not? The Koreans aren’t cheating, they aren’t saying he shoul dbe judged better for subjective reasons… this all amounts to what can be simplified as an addition error. There’s no debate about it. 2+2=Korean gold, American silver.

Besides, climbing back to silver from twelth place is nothing to scoff at… that’s absolutely incredible.

Bush finally takes the honorable route, and calls for an end to the outside smear campaing against Kerry. A little late, and after having to be urged by Democrats and John McCain, but at least he's finally doing what's right.
>Thieves steal (obviously), The Scream in armed robbery.

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