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An excerpt from an excellent and disturbing article:

Before attending a rally to hear Vice President Dick Cheney, citizens in New Mexico were required to sign a political loyalty oath approved by the Republican National Committee. “I, (full name) … do herby (sic) endorse George W. Bush for reelection of the United States.” The form noted: “In signing the above endorsement you are consenting to use and release of your name by Bush-Cheney as an endorser of President Bush.”

Around the country, Bush is campaigning at events billed as “Ask President Bush.” Only supporters are allowed entrance. Talking points are distributed to questioners. In Traverse City, Mich., a 55-year-old social studies teacher who wore a small Kerry sticker on her blouse had her ticket torn up at the door. “How can anyone in the United States deny someone entry?” she asked. “Isn’t this a democracy?”

I don’t know that John Kerry will be any better. I do know that he can’t be much worse. I simply do not understand the blind allegiance to Bush by the more radical conservatives that walk among us.
Granted, I voted for Gore, and was disappointed when he lost. I feel that Florida should never have happened, and I have never believed in the electoral college system, no matter who the candidate. Having said that, I supported our President as he led this country. He did some things wrong, he did some things right. I am a firm believer in not using over-generalizations (“all Republicans are blah blah blah”, or “Bush has done nothing right for etc etc etc”) so there is room in my ideology for a conservative president to still do a good job. I would never do the disservice to dismiss someone because of rhetoric or without considered decision. My dislike of Bush comes from experiencing the years of his rule and disliking the way he’s done things. I don’t like what his done for the economy. I don’t like what he’s done for our international reputation. I don’t feel safer, I am less prosperous, and I don’t need a religious zealot representing a country of varied religious beliefs. It’s not about Republican/Democrat, it’s about dissatisfaction at a job poorly done.
How is it that, with all the mounting evidence against the war in Iraq, with the actions like those referenced in the article above, that supporters can still be so adamant? They are attacking Kerry (without justification) for actions done 30 years ago. I am attacking for Bush for the way he is leading this country NOW. Defend that if you can, I am honestly interested to hear it.

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