Why isn’t the “liberal” media reporting this more? (the correct answer is: because there is no liberal media). The article describes the release of some of the military records of one of John Kerry’s most vocal Vietnam opponents, another swift boat captain, Larry Thurlow; who was apparently part of a 5-boat flotilla along with Kerry has claimed that the basis for Kerry’s Bronze Star is compeltely fradulent, that he never came under fire while rescuing Special Forces officer Rassman from the Bay Hap River. (How Kerry got injured then, is also a question).

Here comes the rub.

Thurlow also earned a Bronze Star that day for helping to rescue those on a disabled boat where his actions (quoting his own military records) “took place under constant enemy small arms fire which LtJG Thurlow completely ignored in providing immediate assistance”. Thurlow argues that he thought he got his Bronze Star for just helping out the disabled boat.

Give me a break.
Nobody earns a Bronze Star for helping out a disabled boat, there’s nothing heroic in that. Helpful, sure. Considerate, absolutely… but medal-worthy? No. What you do get medals for is assisting a boat that was just damaged by a mine while under enemy fire, putting your own life at risk for the sake of others.

This negative campaign strategy of the Bush supporters is sickening and childish. We have military veterans willing to completely discredit themselves and lie for the sake of mudraking. What has the world come to?

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