If you had happened to see the Yahoo! News Photo Page at the same time I did, you would have noticed that the Most Emailed photos were as follows:

sex sells

Oh, and then followed by the Pope picking his nose, because really, digging for the golden chalice what is of more interest to America other than hott chicks and nose picking? Apparently, not much.

What I find mroe interesting, perhaps, is wondering what kind of photographer can so unabashedly turn in photos like the above? I mean the Pope is a given, of course, but how does the rest of the conversation go?

Male Photographer: Hey Chief… umm, so here are my pictures from the Olympics. I have a half dozen pictures of the crowd reaction and then this one spike…
Chief: Mmmmm-hmmm
MP: Umm, yeah, and then I have 14 rolls of these hott chicks’ asses and then this one of some girl-on-girl action.
Chief: I understand…

Which, of course, I am all for.

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