In an effort to be truly informed, I watched Outfoxed last night, a disturbing expose of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire showing how instead of being ‘Fair & Balanced’ it really pushes Murdoch’s own right-wing agenda. Even assuming Fox isn’t pushing an agenda, it is at least rife with opinion and assumptions, something a news organization should never be. The moment you make a conclusion based on your opinion is the moment you are no longer reporting news. So really, Fox News, the whole ‘Fair & Balanced’ thing is a joke.

And don’t get me started on Bill O’Reilly. I’m all for having a contrary opinion… but when that opinion comes in the form of brow-beating and insults, how am I supposed to respect that? It is scary how twisted his version of reality is when relaying events that he personally took part in.

I weep for this country’s uninformed.

Also, for the conservatives in the audience, I sincerely want to hear all sides, so please, reference me to your version of Fahrenheit 911 (though I cynically doubt you will be able to, as the truth is stronger than fiction).

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