The Times, The are A’Changing

I don’t know how I stumble on these things.

“Chad” has scanned and posted all of the pictures from his 1965 El Segundo High School Senior Yearbook. It is, in a word, completely friggin’ brilliant.
It took me a moment to realize, but all of the men are wearing a suit and tie, and all of the women are wearing the same dark top with either pearls or a pendant necklace. The Stepford Wives similarity did not go unnoticed. Speaking of not unnoticed, be sure to check out Mr. Mecello and Ms. Hopper. The first is incredibly… plasticine, and the second looks very much like she ended up as she was described.

I’m sure that in another 25 years or so, people will look back on my yearbooks with same stifled laughter and derisive comments, but they will unfortunately be denied the pleasure of reading little abstracts about each of the students (my school being too large to allow everyone to have such reading pleasure as Rodger Hamrick does with his:

A student at El Segundo High School for four years, Rodger has played in both the band and orchestra.

That’s the kiss of death, by the way… the “A student at El Segundo High School for four years…” part. I’ve noticed that all of the uninteresting or barely involved students have snippets beginning with that phrase, whereas the cool kids like Don Appleby say things like:

“Santa” has been a valuable member of the football and baseball teams throughout high school. He claims eating is his favorite pastime.

>Oh, and one more thing: no Asians, no African-Americans, no one of Hispanic descent. Freaky.

I have been addicted to the High Fidelity soundtrack for well over a year now, and can't stop listening to "Cold Blooded Old Times" by Smog on my iPod. And now you know.

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