It’s interesting how people react to my having a blog. For the most part, I attempt to keep it a secret from those I know; but, that’s fairly impossible, considering anyone with a little web-savvy and curiosity could figure it out from my e-mail address. [EDITOR's NOTE: I was, at this point, going to add, "Not to mention if you were to Google me"... but you won't find this site until page 4. Searching for "Dave Kleeman, though? Page 1, baby!"]

A few of my friends are somewhat regular readers, others incessantly so. The vast majority, though, react as if it was something that not only do they choose not to participate in, but something that they would really rather pretend didn’t exist. Not because I write anything particularly scandalous on here (as one friend noted, “Knowing you, you write absolutely nothing personal on your site”), but I think more due to the inherent dorkiness of anything internet related. Personally, I see it as a bit of an underground (though less so with each passing day) hipster thing. But that may also be the same self-delusion that makes Trekkies and Trekkers thing they’re cool.

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