With decisions finally made, I should be able to return to my usual, banal content. After the quitting, of course.

The e-mail quitting, no less.

The e-mail quitting because my boss is in China for the next few weeks, having left with no suspicions (and why should he have, I wasn’t actually looking for another job).

I feel sorry for my co-workers, in a way (assuming I’ll be missed), as they are completely unsuspecting. As I mentioned, I’m fairly happy in my work, and wasn’t looking for anything, but this is an opportunity I don’t want to pass up (unless, of course, a $25k increase counter-offer is waved in front of me. Then, how could I say no?)

At any rate, this has been a stressful few weeks for me (even though it was in deciding between two positive things) and I’m going to need a second to decompress when this all finally blows over. (For my new co-workers potentially reading this, if you should get me a pity-signing bonus out of Job B, you will be able to borrow my stapler any time!)

So, the quitting. I’ve decided I need to e-mail my boss in China, and tell at least my PM in person. It should pretty much take care of itself after that, quitting being not unlike a forest fire. I have to wait a few days at least, though, as Job A still owes me $6,000 in reimbursement for my 4 weeks in Taiwan. “And why the “Job A” Job B” business,” I now wonder to myself. “Anyone can see where I work by taking a look at my resume. Ah well, all shall soon be revealed.

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