You know those wheels you see land surveyor’s use that have an odometer on them? They’re basically a unicycle, but without the seat, and the guy walks around your property measuring off distances and such. Useful? I guess so.

At any rate, there is a display at Home Depot for one such device; but these babies aren’t your daddy’s surveyor-odometer-wheel-with-stick-thingies. These are hip. These are for the Youth of Tomorrow™. These are in i-mac colors which, seriously now, is beginning to get played out. These are…collapsible!

Really, they’re collapsible… says so right on the display: *Fits in Briefcase* Which is important because:

A. You are a surveyor who carries a briefcase in which you hold your:
– sandwich
– clipboard (with pencil)
– collapsible surveyor wheel with telescoping handle and i-mac coloring

B. You are a business man who inexplicably needs a collapsible surveyor wheel with telescoping handle and i-mac coloring, or
C. You are my dad, who is the last remaining person on earth who uses a briefcase in the first place… which must be the target consumer for these collapsible surveyor wheels wth telescoping handles and i-mac coloring, despite the astounding lack of necessity.

Advertising makes me… laugh? choke? One of those.

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