I just got the, “What’s up, guy?” from someone I recognize but don’t know, which is my all-time second on the Greetings Deemed Most Awesome™ list. The first being the rather untouchable, Double Thumbs-Up While Flexing Biceps and Giving the Head Nod and Uttering ‘Sup?’, Delivered Without Irony™.

I know. It was awesome. I was there and I still can’t believe it to this day, some 5 years later.

“What’s up, guy?” is still pretty damn good, though. Friendly, in an aggressive sort of way, and completely non-committal. He clearly has next to no interest in what is indeed up with me, and would be shocked to the extreme were I to actually stop and tell him. “Well… dude, this weekend I went to the beach with my girlfriend and then we went to a party for a friend of mine which was pretty awesome it was a casino party with full on craps poker and blackjack which was pretty cool I was the blackjack dealer for quite a while actually and I was doing it up real Vegas style so anyway…” And so it goes.

But at least he made an effort, you know? I would much rather have the number 2 all-time Greetings Deemed Most Awesome™ as opposed to the alternative, nothing at all. Nothing at all lends itself to the Oh Look How Interesting My Shoes Suddenly Are™, or the Wait, Is There Someone Over There By That, Ummm, Plant, That I Should Now Direct My Attention To?™ which are just no fun for anyone.

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