We’re gonna slow it down for a little bit here

I don’t mean to bring down the show or anything, but I have a serious question to pose to you, the nameless pairs, possibly fews. This is a real-life question from my, um, real. life. This is not a pithy quip, or scintillating observation (not that anything else here is). The question(s) is(are) this(these):

Say you have a job “A” (I have a job). It is a job that, generally speaking, you like. You get a call, though, from another company “B” that you had interviewed with a year ago, and they’ve given you an offer after some discussion. The run-down is that:

Job A

– already like my job
– pays well
– has better benefits (3 weeks vacation, gym reimbursement, lots of travel on business class)
– has great people

Company B

– more the type of work I enjoy
– a lot closer to home
– pays $5000 less
– benefits aren’t as good (two weeks vacation)
– people are great

It’s difficult for me to justify leaving a job that I enjoy and pays better, for a job I might (probably) would like more, while setting myself back at least a year financially. Even more considering the probable counter-offer from Job A.

It’s a strange situation to be in.

If I hated my current job, it would be easy to stomache taking a pay cut. But I don’t. I know I will like Company B a great deal; it is, in fact, just what I want to be doing in exactly the environment I want to be doing it in. I just can’t help but feel conflicted, though, as this offer is lower than any I’ve received in the past 5 years (by $2-10k).
SO. Give me some advice, please. Give me things to consider, or opinions you might have. I am a man conflicted.

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