Well, it’s getting down to the wire on the below, and I’m honestly not any closer to a definitive decision. I often think I am, of course, but then I get some kind of epiphany and swing the other way. I would love to take the second job, I really would. I think what is bothering me right now is the money, which is pretty strange for me considering that that’s never been all that important, typically speaking; but these are not typical times. Having been laid-off before my current job, and burning through all of my savings during the recovery period, I am really nervous about giving up a better paying job until I can afford to.

Also, Job B has already made it clear that their offer puts me pretty much at the top of their pay scale for this position. So, I’m concerned that I won’t be getting any raises over the next few years until I’m considered promotable. Putting myself already behind salary-wise, and then keeping myself down while the cost of living continues to go up, is not going to help me get my savings buffer back, or a house in the next five years.

But then Job B has everything I’ve been trying to get to over the past 4 years.

I think I’d be more willing to take the pay cut if I had some kind of assurance that it wouldn’t be for long. Then, of course, there’s the fact that I actually like my current job. Conflicted.

Thanks for your help,

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