Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays

It’s just one of those days: not particularly bad, not particularly good, just bleh. Bored at work today, as I’m unfortunately waiting on some boards from the hardware group. The waiting is exactly as thrilling as it sounds. This gives me plenty of time to ponder the intricacies of Life. Primarily, whether or not I want to cross over yet another dork-barrier and build one of these. My sources say yes… yes I do. These are primarily LAN-based gaming PC’s; the thinking being that Generation’s Z”s equivalent to the comic-bookstore dorks can carry there PC’s to LAN parties of Unreal Tournament, or that MPG Star Wars game I’m nerdy enough to be aware of, but not quite nerdy enough to remember the name of.

Lest you think I’m criticizing, remember I’m an engineer and have a website… how cool could I possibly be? Then again, I have a beautiful girlfriend, so there’s several inexplicable points towards cool. Very inexplicable. But I digress.

My only concern is whether or not these mini-systems can stand-in for my tower. I run processor/memory heavy things like Pro/E and Photoshop on a regular basis, so I need something with endurance. I’m thinking a P4 with 1-2GB of RAM can handle pretty much anything I throw at it, right? At any rate, should you have any expereince with these systems, or something similar, let me know.

In even further tech-related news, I’ve been “invited” to test out Gmail, Google’s answer to Yahoo! Mail and the like. It seems like a cool concept, incoporating google’s search capabilities to effectively negate organizing any of your mail ever. Just search for “nude farm animal sex” and that awesome MPEG clip your college roommate sent you three years ago will pop right up. They’re also pushing the 1 gigabyte storage limit as being terribly convenient, as you should effectively never have to clean out your e-mail again… which I agree with… but how many people can they support with that kind of storage?

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