It’s Good Friday somewhere, but not in Taiwan. In Taiwan, you see, it’s Godless-Pagans Day, or some similar holiday involving incense, and statuary (false idols), and rhythmic praying.

Actually, though, the Buddhist (and Taoist, and Confuscist) temples here are very soothing, very ornate (save for the Confucius ones), and very reverent in a spiritual way (as opposed to a stiff and sinful sexual-aberration way like in the Catholic church). ADG had laughingly said something about Taiwan being full of pagans, seeing as they pray? meditate? ask for favors from? different gods… or maybe spirits… or maybe just concepts (like Mercy, Welfare, Success, Long Life, etc). Obviously, I’m not sure.

At any rate, it got me to thinking about St. Christopher and the like that Catholics also pray to for protection, mercy, welfare, success, long life, etc. Is this pagan? And if not, can Western religions really judge Eastern ones? I asked ADG but she just shrugged, “Dunno, I’m not Catholic. We don’t do that crap.”

Excellent point.

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