We all know that St. Patrick’s Day is just an excuse to drink for those of age, and an excuse to pinch the hell out of people when you’re not (though that does carry on into the teen years when that one cheerleader you have a crush on forgot to wear green).

I still make it a point to wear green, but the whole process seems tired nowadays. I somehow doubt that the X-Box generation approaches the day with the same kind of gusto as we of the Generation X once did, and that’s fine with me… though, it turns out there actually was a Saint Patrick (with the rampant commercialism surrounding the “holiday”, I was sure it was manufactured). Of course, why we choose to celebrate one particular saint is beyond me. I mean, look at all of these opportunities to get wasted:

St. Quadragesimus St. Quadratus St. Quadratus St. Quaratus St. Quintus St. Quentin St. Quinidius St. Quintian St. Irenaeus St. Quintilis St. Quintius St. Quintus St. Quiriacus St. Quiriacus St. Julitta St. Quirinus St. Quiteria

And that’s just the Q’s

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