Political Strategery

Dubya’s doing a good job of showing why he shouldn’t be our President this week, as he starts campaining in March. The sitting President feels he needs to start campaining 8 months before the election. That tells you a couple of things: (1) he’s not quite as dumb as he looks (or at least his advisors aren’t) (2) he really is out in November.

At any rate, he’s started the campaining blitzkrieg with some television ads in which scenes from 9/11 are prominently featured. The idea being (presumably) that we, as the American People, be reminded of what has happened to us during Bush’s term, and how he dealt with it so (presumably) positively.

I don’t need to be reminded of that terror. Not by an inept leader whose policies I largely don’t agree with, and definitely not for his vapid political gain.

I am not, by the way, implying that I don’t want to remember, and would rather it all just went away. I am implying that I, nor the American people I would wager, need the reminder.

It’s on everyone’s mind.

Show us some respect.

Go get the evil-doers dancing around their Axis of Evil.

Here’s a hint: They ain’t in Iraq.

I quieted my thoughts for a while and honestly considered whether or not my feelings of distaste stem from my feelings of distaste with the current administration. I was as objective and soul-searching as I am capable of. Was I being unfair?
I wasn’t. That just really is in poor taste… especially as the Bush camp has said that they would not use the attacks for political gain. It wouldn’t matter if it was a candidate I really believed in, you just don’t drag national tragedy out into your political arena to garner a sympathy vote.

You just don’t.

I would even go so far as to say that some of the conservative right among you, might be open enough to agree with me. I’m all for a spirited and honest political campaign. I’m independent, I vote both sides of the fence for what I think is right. I want to be convinced of your policies, your stance, and your morals on issues I care about it. I don’t want my heart-strings pulled at at the expense of fellow citizens that have suffered a loss I pray never to know.

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