This article illustrates how out of touch past politicians and political analysts can be. Incensed with Urban Outfitters new line of T-shirts declaring “Voting is for Old People”, a Harvard political institute released a statement decrying the company in this statement:

We would be eager to work with you to suggest alternative products that send the right message to America’s young people, and better reflect the considerable social conscience and political participation of today’s youth. You might consider ‘Voting Rocks!’

I don’t want to tell Urban Outfitters how to run their business, but I would suggest that they not consider it.

The best part of that is imagining stodgy old men sitting around an oak-paneled boardroom trying to come up with hip teenage slogans.

Down with Pinkos!
Woah Bill, I don’t know if that’s edgy enough…
Fiscal Responsibility is Keen!
Oooh, that has legs…

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