The thing about work is that it keeps you busy.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that, but it’s true.

Especially when you live far enough away from work to want to leave fairly early in the morning to beat the rush, and work closely with Asian vendors so that you have to stay late enough to talk to them. And so it goes.

Work also keeps you busy, incidentally, when it schedules you to be in Taiwan for a month… perhaps longer… and then maybe China proper for good measure for a week or so. And so it goes.

I like the traveling, though. The Business Class, the rooms for free, the driver with the new Mercedes or Volvo. Those things are good. Being away from your girlfriend, your friends, your things that make the world go ’round for you, your discernible TV, make it hard. As does eating out every. single. meal. for 30 days.

Which probably explains how snack-sized Pringles and a Vanilla Coke out of the mini-bar became at least one night’s dinner on my last visit. But I digress… or rather I didn’t as their isn’t a theme to digress from. I’m just saying, yo.

ADG went to a movie premier last night and met Patrick Swayze. Oddly, he seemed (to her) somewhat aloof for an actor of fading fame, which just goes to show that an asshole is an asshole no matter how much money he has, or how recognizable to the general population. Not, of course, to say that The Swayze was an asshole, I’m just saying in general… yo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the most exciting thing that happened to me while movie “stars” were cavorting about, was that I recorded my tax refund in Quicken (Quicken, by the way, being something that everyone should use. I cannot tell you how easy it makes balancing your accounts and seeing your financial situation. Actually, yes I can tell you: Quicken makes balancing your accounts and seeing your financial situation extremely easy). And so it goes.

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