oops, I did it again!Janet Janet Janet.

All the talk be ’bout Janet.

Did she mean to? Was it a wardrobe malfunction? Why is it so floppy?

All the talk be ’bout Janet.

I know that all the ladeez in my neighborhood routinely wear metal sun medallions under their clothes at all times; under their lace crop tops while going to the supermarket , under their sports bras on the stair master, under their boyfriends’ T-shirts sitting on the couch watching A Wedding Story. Everywhere. So it’s understandable that people would naturally assume that the boobage was unplanned.

Besides which, all of my clothes break away in meted-out portions based on erotic impact. No tearing, no fuss. Just first the cod-piece, then the butt cheeks (left than right, left being the better side), abs nicely traced out when you pull in the right place and on and on. Obviously, Janet’s clothes are largely the same. Such a terrible embarrassing mishap.

Of more interest was this guy, who was sadly covered up by advertisements or statistics. Obviously this is just a poor sod who was running late for the game and unfortunately forgot his undershirt, referee jersey, stretch pants, whistle, and underwear; and then accidentally wrote goldenpalace.com in perfectly blocked letters on his back..

He remembered his hat though, thank God.

Now that’s a real wardrobe malfunction, considering the importance of the event.

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