Considering the amount of traffic congestion, the thousands of scooters within a hair of a multitude of objects, the apparent understanding that lane-lines are merely suggestions, and the rampant disregard for such antiquated theories as “traffic laws”, horn-blows and tire-squeals are at a bare minimum. I have yet, in fact, to hear a horn really blown in anger; and have only heard a couple of informational taps, solely to make pedestrians aware that their baby may indeed be run over in the next several seconds.

Of course, this just may mean that the Taiwanese are politely and discreetly running over each other without fuss or noise.

In truth, it seems instead as if the chaos is really a delicate equilibrium, where every motorist is bounced and buoyed off of the one next to them, resulting in a perpetually moving, well-balanced mass. Many taxis (and a few cars), in fact, have these upward-pointing metal rods extending from the sides of their front bumpers. As well as I can figure out, these are one of two things:

1. Electrified cattle-prods that rotate downward to shock pedestrians into movement.
2. Force-field generators

There really should also be an option 3 above, as there is the possibility that they are multi-purpose.

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