Turkish woman locked husband naked in bathroom for three years

My question(s) to you is(are):

– How do you let your wife lock you in the bathroom?
– Once there, how is it that you don’t break out?
– What rich industrialist doesn’t have People that check in with him more often than once every three years?!

I mean seriously, even a recluse like Howard Hughes had assistants and underlings. There’s a lot to be said, though, about living out your existence in the bathroom. Shower, toilet, sink. Add a mini-fridge, and I’d say you were about set.

Of course, living there while you can hear your wife partying with other guys in the next room would be somewhat less than fun. I acknowledge that guys are sleazy… but with the husband locked in the bathroom? Really?

What’s that noise, baby? It sounds like someone screaming.
Oh, that’s just my husband. Don’t worry about him, I locked him in the bathroom.
Ah, OK. That’s cool.
*porn music ensues*

I know guys are desperate for the ladeez, but I didn’t think we were that desperate.

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