You may have heard about a little thing called the grocery strike here in the greater L.A. area. Local markets have been blocked by picketers since October 11th, driving business to smaller, locally owned establishments. I haven’t crossed the picket lines, feeling that reducing healthcare benefits is just, well, wrong.

To be more honest, though, I really just don’t want to be harrassed. Buying my chips and cheese isn’t important enough for me to be heckled. But I digress…

For whatever reason, the union has pulled the picketers from Ralph’s markets, but the strike is still on, and the scabs are still in full-effect.

And how.

Ralph’s isn’t bothering to outfit them in uniforms, so their various sweatshirts and T-shirts are a bit disconcerting. As is the incessant error-message ringing of the cash register. “Is that you?” “Yeah, the thing is ringing… I don’t know how to make it stop! What do I do?” “How should I know? My real job is at The Gap!”

Hilarity ensues…

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