What the huh?
My floorpie domain has the ability to check e-mail remotely on the web. For whatever reason, said interface puts these tiny little heads in front of messages it deems “personal”. For instance:

  09:52:03 AM   hott4teacher@aol.com    RE: Enlarge your penis size in 1 day!

  08:43:22 AM   studmax@juno.com        RE: A safe Viagra alternative!

  08:57:46 AM   butu@africaroyal.com     RE: A Valuable Business Proposition

      09:03:07 AM   mom&dad;@msn.com       RE: Thanksgiving Weekend!

Who’s head is this? Who drew it? What kind of residuals do you get on something like that? Is it a self-portrait? Will the hairstyle change as styles dictate? Clearly, I have many questions.

I’d love it if my claim to fame could have been something so innocuous:

“You know those little tiny heads next to your e-mail when they’re personal? Their mine”


You’d have to carry a notebook just to keep all the ladeez’s names and numbers straight… and preferably a Polaroid for easy cross-referencing. Little head guy, whoever you are, we salute you.

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