It was a hazy weekend in the SoCal area, making just breathing difficult from the coast to the inland areas. There is a thin layer of soot on everything… which reminds me of when my godparents sent me pictures of their backyard one year.
The envelope came filled with half a dozen pictures and a ziploc bag full of gray. The pictures showed different views of their house and backyard with everything uniformally buried in a layer of gray. Barbecue with a layer of gray on it. Bushes, topped with gray. Gray grass, gray trees, gray fence, gray gray. Everything had been covered in gray from the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens, some 160 miles away. Even the air seemed gray.

The wildfires are not exactly like that, of course, but the fires’ destruction of human structures and people has been worse in many ways; and I’m certainly choking like a volcano went off.

Not to mention that this particule natural disaster, is looking to not be natural at all, but man-made. Which makes it all the more horrible.

Speaking of which, big ups to local newscaster Chuck Henry and his balls of steel, for asking a victim what he feels about the whole fire thing, and the possibility of arson, while his house is still burning in the background.

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