You have been warned

Hello everyone –

While we shouldn’t have to send these messages out – we continue to have a problem with the disappearance of food items that our employees have stored in the break-room refrigerators – so please consider this as a reminder.

Our refrigerators are in the break-room for everyone’s use. Employees should be able to store lunches, and miscellaneous food items, without having to worry that when lunch or break time arrives, their food will be gone! Please have some consideration for your co-workers! If you see something in one of our refrigerators that interests you – BUT YOU DID NOT BRING IT IN – then it doesn’t belong to you and you may not take it!!

This is true even if there is no one’s name on the bag or container.

And, for those of you who do regularly store food in our refrigerators – LABEL YOUR ITEMS WITH YOUR NAME! This should help eliminate any confusion as to the owner of the food.

Your cooperation is appreciated and expected.

Thank you,
>Office Administrator

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