I receive my sample ballot for the California Gubernatorial Election today.

“Goober” is right.

There are SEVEN pages of candidates plus one more for some little-mentioned ballot issues involving unimportant issues like several billion dollar bonds and state citizen classification by race. ahem

At any rate, the ballot is a long and storied one, with roughly equal (to the naked eye, at least) distribution of Republican and Democratic candidates with some Independent, Libertarian, and Greens sprinkled in for good measure. The list is a star-studded one with such luminaries as:

.: Joel Britton – Retired Meat Packer
.: Paul Nave – Businessman/Prizefighter/Father
.: Trek Thunder Kelly – Business Executive/Artist
.: Robert “Butch” Dole – Small Business Owner
.: Kurt E. “Tachikaze” Rightmyer Middleweight Sumo Wrestler
.: Michael Jackson – Satellite Project Manager

Personally, I’m expecting great things from Governor Butch.

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