A few days ago the L.A. Times reported that the California State Senate has voted to approve driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. An excerpt:

Advocates say the bill, which the governor said he would sign, will make the roads safer and end an era of anti-immigration sentiment. Opponents counter that the state will be setting out a welcome mat for terrorists as well as undocumented workers.

…end an era of anti-immigration sentiment? That makes little to no sense. My personal argument against this isn’t that I’m against immigrants… it’s that I’m against illegal immigrants. You want a license, and all the rights and privileges therein? Great, become a citizen. Is that really too much to ask? I know absolutely nothing about it, but I don’t think I’m allowed to cruise down to Baja and get a Mexican license just because I feel like it. Or maybe I can, I could be wrong. I ran into Gray while he was out surfing and thought I’d ask him about it. He was wearing an old-school diver’s wetsuit and helmet, which I thought was odd, and his board was at least 60 pounds of solid oak.

Wassup G-Dog?

Oh just doing what I do, you know. Catching some waves, scoping some chicken-heads

I feel you. So I hear you’re going to sign the illegal-immigrants-get-licenses-thing

I’m doing what now?

You know, the bill the Senate just passed allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses?

Are you sure? That doesn’t sound like me… That sounds awfully…


Maybe, I would have to review my choice of words and get back to you with a non-definitive response

I understand. I’m sure you realize how it looks when you waffle back and forth on an issue and then suddenly fall one way when it looks like it will get you more votes in the recall election, right?

What now? Oh, this set’s mine! Later gator!


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