So yesterday was Labor Day, which was ironic as I have no labor with which to celebrate the vacationing from of. I looked back in my archives to see what I thought about the same situation last year, and was surprised to see that I didn’t think anything of it. No post. I had assumed that I would have said something ironic and sad, but nay, nary a line.

That first line up there got me to thinking. We have an entire day to celebrate that we get a day off. You celebrate, really, the happiness of not going to work. At least, that’s the way I interpret Labor Day… it’s certainly not a celebration of the act of labor. If it were, I would think that we would all do 20 hour days by way of honoring the institution of toil; but instead we set apart an entire paid 8 hours to bask in our collective hooky.

I find that strange.

“Hey y’all, there’s this terrible thing that we all hate but can’t actually come together to figure out a way to collectively live without it. One thing’s for sure, we can’t beat it. We can, however, all agree to forget about it… for one day.”

At any rate, it’s definitely looking like by this time next year I’ll be definitely posting something ironic and sad; but this time to complain about my job.

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