Gray Davis was washing his car in front of his mansion today. He looked pretty relaxed after his speech, drinking a beer, and putting another coat of wax on his ’85 Camaro. Being a Californian, I thought I’d say hey:

Hey Gray, what’s up?

Hello Registered Voter! May I offer you a tall frosty one, or, if that is not to your liking, one of the many other beverages I recently purchased in anticipation of you, a Registered Voter, stopping by?

No thanks, I just wanted to say “hello”. I saw your speech, today, by the way.

You did? Tell me honestly, Registered Voter, did I look like an oak with a stick up it’s ass again?

You did.


Sorry man, but don’t shoot the messenger… I voted for you twice!

You did? Thank you so much, Registered Voter, I am confident that I can count on your vote again in the coming reca…

Anyway, you said in your speech that, “In California, not a single light has gone out in the last two years.”

That’s right, Registered Voter. You have an astounding memory, which is just the type of quality we need voting for us in the rec…

What about the rolling blackouts?

The wha?

The rolling blackouts. You know, where all of California’s lights went out for months on end?

The rolling what now?

Enjoy your retirement.

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